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In order to combine their respective talents to provide you with the best services possible, NEIL KAPLAN, ESQ., the Managing Partner of Cork Counsel, and CHARLES CURTIS MW, the Founder of WineAlpha, have formed a New York–based strategic alliance for the purpose of performing not only wine appraisals and providing consultancy services for wine collectors, but also inspections, relocations and brokerage of wine collections.

Jointly Neil and Charles possess unparalleled qualifications. They are the only team that includes a Master of Wine (MW)—the highest certification of expertise and knowledge in the wine industry, an Appraisers Association of America certified wine appraiser, a fine and rare wine sale and auction expert and an attorney who is also a certified wine industry specialist.

Between them Neil and Charles have it all and will use their unique and complementary expertise to secure your satisfaction, wherever you are located. Neil will be your primary contact and will handle client relations and general administration of the projects, while Charles will be responsible for overseeing your wine appraisal and the actual wine cellar brokerage. Using their combined talents they can guarantee you impeccable service, efficient work and results that are authoritative, irrefutable and will stand up to scrutiny.



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CHARLES CURTIS of WineAlpha has unparalleled qualifications. He is:

  • A Master of Wine
  • An Appraisers Association of America certified wine appraiser
  • A published author
  • A member of the board of the Institute of Masters of Wine. 

So why does this matter? Because without expertise a wine appraisal lacks accuracy, and without certification it lacks authority. With a certified wine and appraisal expert you are guaranteed a wine appraisal that stands up to scrutiny. Charles has been called to testify in court proceedings regarding his wine appraisals, and none has ever been rejected. 

Charles is also fully expert as a wine broker. He was for many years Head of Wine for Christie’s in both Asia and the Americas, during which tenure he acquired intimate knowledge of the collectible wine market. He continues to hone his expertise:

  • Monitoring and documenting trade in fine and rare wine
  • Remaining up to date on market conditions
  • Identifying the most effective wines to sell at a given moment. 

Charles knows where and how to maximize your return when brokering and selling fine and rare wines, as he has been doing for an international portfolio of private clients since leaving Christie’s in 2012.


NEIL KAPLAN of Cork Counsel will monitor each project to ensure that your particular needs are being fulfilled. Neil’s background makes him uniquely suited for this role. He:

  • Practiced for six years as an attorney in New York City
  • Has 25 years of sales and support experience in the wine and spirits industry
  • Has advanced wine certification.

Moreover, Neil has learned and understands first and foremost that service and communication are the essence of any business. During all phases of each relationship, from the initial consultation through the final report, Neil is listening to your individual needs and objectives. He will:

  • Design each deal accordingly
  • Maintain effective communication
  • Provide appropriate updates. 

With Cork Counsel handling your personal, business and administrative needs and WineAlpha directing the wine appraisals and wine brokerage you can be confident of receiving expert and timely work, distinctive service, and an authoritative final product.



Wine Appraisals

There are numerous situations where a wine cellar needs to be appraised:

  • A wine collection represents a significant asset during legal proceedings, e.g. divorce, estate or bankruptcy
  • A collector is insuring wine or using wine as loan collateral.

Should you find yourself in one of those situations Cork Counsel, in conjunction with Charles Curtis MW of WineAlpha, will:

  • Consult with you to identify your unique needs
  • Determine how best to format your collection’s inventory and whether the circumstances require a physical examination
  • Ascertain the appropriate measure of your wine’s value, be it Fair Market, Marketable Cash or Retail Replacement Value
  • Research the value of your wine collection, utilizing the industry’s most exhaustive collection of wine sales histories
  • Prepare an appropriate and meticulous report.

The report you receive will be of unimpeachable quality. The Cork Counsel/WineAlpha alliance possesses an unparalleled level of wine expertise, appraisal credentials and certifications. We are the only team comprised of career service professionals that also includes:

  • A Master of Wine
  • An American Appraisers Association certified wine appraiser
  • An attorney.

Cork Counsel/WineAlpha can guarantee singular service and an authoritative wine appraisal that will stand up to scrutiny.


Brokerage and Consultancy

Both buyers and sellers of wine can benefit from expert advice. For instance, when you choose to liquidate any or all of your wine cellar you want to make sure you are maximizing the collection’s financial potential. This involves:

  • Determining which of your wines to sell
  • Where to sell them
  • When to sell.

Similarly, when you acquire wine you may want to purchase not only wines you enjoy drinking but ones that can also be strong investments. 

All of these considerations can vary dramatically depending on the particular time and market conditions. You need, therefore, guidance from someone expert not only in wine but also in the wine investment, auction and retail markets.

The Cork Counsel/WineAlpha team possesses such qualifications and has unmatched expertise. We have decades each of commercial experience with fine and rare wine. In addition, we hold the best wine credentials in the business with Charles being an MW and Neil being a Diploma candidate. 

Our team will use this expertise and experience to optimize the sale or purchase of your wine. After thorough consultation we will:

  • Review your portfolio and objectives
  • Create for you an individualized proposal
  • Help you determine the most effective time, place and selection of wines to buy or sell
  • Source wines, solicit offers and obtain best price.

With the Cork Counsel/WineAlpha team as your wine broker and consultant, we can ensure that you will receive personal attention and maximize effectiveness in your wine transactions.


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